Rungu Juggernaut Fat Tire Trike Is Awesome And Beast Mode Rolled Into Same Package

The Rungu Juggernaut, an upright tadpole trike that runs on all-fat tires, is specifically built for transporting watersport equipment across the sand.  With a design that puts the two front wheels side by side in shoulder-width spacing, it’s able to spread the load out more efficiently, maximizing stability while you haul a heavy surfboard, tow a kayak, or carry a fleet of coolers filled with beer across the beach.

Aside from the two front wheels’ admirable utilitarian function, they also make the pedal-powered ride look considerably more beastly.  Seriously, it’s about as close to a bulldozer as a bike can get, looking like a giant signal to move out of the way lest have a pair of chunky tires run you over and scrape both your shins while simultaneously destroying every single one of your freshly pedicured toenails.

Made by Standard Bearer Machines, the Rungu Juggernaut brings all the same benefits as regular fat bikes, letting you rip through snow, sand, and similar surfaces that are erstwhile tough to navigate.  It won’t just make laps around the beach an easier proposition, we’re almost certain it will draw enough attention to make for a useful social crutch if you’re interested in meeting new people.  Features include an aluminum frame, low gearing for difficult terrain, mounting points for aftermarket kits and racks, hydraulic rear brake, dual front brakes, alloy pedals, aluminum rims, and Vee Rubber 26×4.7-inch snow shoe tires.  Kits for mounting surfboards or other equipment will need to be bought separately.

You can order the Rungu Juggernaut directly from their website, where it’s priced at $2,500.

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