Russel Hobbs Easy Toaster Is A Space Saving Design With Bread Warmer Pockets

Got limited space in the counter for a toaster, but want to maximize how much slices of toast you can crank out right in time for breakfast?   Yeah, that awesome Egg Muffin Sandwich Toaster you’ve been planning to get since last month just won’t do.  Instead, this sounds like a job for the Easy Toaster.

At first glance, it looks like one of those super-slim and compact two-slice toasters that can squeeze into a tight spot even in the most crowded countertops.  And for the most part, it is.  Except it also comes with two integrated pockets on the outside that lets you warm bread, so you can make a batch of four slices without any of the bread going cold.

Made by Russell Hobbs, the Easy Toaster has a flat rear side so you can push it up completely against the wall for even more optimal use of space.  It comes with all the usual toaster features, including six adjustable browning levels, defrost and cancel functions, an illuminated carriage lever and indicator lights to make finished toast easier to spot, and a removable tray for collecting crumbs.  The pair of warmer pockets don’t use up any electricity either — they simply use the heat that seeps out of the heating element to warm anything (looks like buns, pocket pies, and hash browns that need heating could work) you cram into the pockets.  The toaster slots are suitable for most types of breads.

The Easy Toaster is available now, priced at $56.

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