Ryno Microcycle Is A Lustworthy One Wheel Electric Motorcycle

The first time we saw Ryno’s Unicycle, it looked like someone took one end of a motorcycle and chopped off the rest. Now that the company has unveiled its final design, it still looks like someone took one end of a motorcycle and chopped off the rest. Except with the new Ryno Microcycle, it looks like they chopped off a sporty big bike instead of a goofy-looking two-wheeler. Basically, it’s awesome.

From the looks of things, they compressed an entire motorycle into the space of a single wheel. It comes with a smaller frame, motorcycle-style handlebars, and even a pannier rack in the back for carrying a small load of cargo.

The Ryno Microcycle is a motorized unicycle that you accelerate by leaning forward, slow down by leaning backwards, and turn by leaning subtly into your desired direction. Oh yeah, it can pivot 360 degrees, allowing you to spin in place while wearing a clown suit for traditional unicycle novelty. Onboard gyros take care of balancing the ride during forward and backward leans, although you’ll need to balance it side-to-side just like a regular motorcycle. It comes with redundant motors built into the wheel itself, allowing it to run at speeds of up to 10 mph for up to 10 miles.

Features include integrated shock absorber, adjustable seat height, LED headlights, two SLA batteries (6 hours charge time), onboard information display, and an integrated facility for parking by simply tilting the bike forward. It’s also fully sealed, so you can use the personal vehicle during wet weather, complete with a full-size motorcycle tire for strong grip even on wet roads.

Set for availability soon (you can reserve one with a refundable $150 deposit), the Ryno Microcycle is priced at $5,300.

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