Ryobi’s New 50-Quart Cooler Doubles As A Low-Tech Air-Con To Keep You Cool


Coolers that were rigged to function as cheap air-conditioning units aren’t new, with countless DIY examples readily available on YouTube. If you’d rather just buy one that can function as such from the start, you might want to check out Ryobi’s 18V One+ Cooling Cooler.

Unlike DIY builds, this one can actually function as a regular cooler, since you can turn off the fan and shut off the vents, ensuring there’s still a way to maximize its ice-retaining function. When the day feels a little too hot, though, just turn on the cooling function and allow it to send some of the cool air inside your way.


The Ryobi 18V One+ Cooling Cooler comes with a 50-quart capacity, so it should be suitable enough to serve as a go-to cooler for tailgates, parties, and job site refreshments, with a profile that can support standing 2-liter bottles. It’s a wheeled cooler, by the way, so you can easily drag it around the campgrounds and parking lots using the large towing handle. A pair of compartments are available right on the lid, with one serving as a place to stash snacks and the other housing the same Ryobi 18V One+ battery that’s used in the company’s power tools line.


A single charge of the battery is enough to run the cooling function for just around four hours, so you might want to bring backup if you’re spending extra time on the road. It measures 30 x 20 x 18 inches (width x height x depth).

The Ryobi 18V One+ Cooling Cooler is priced at $199.

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