Add-On Modules Transform Ryobi’s Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener Into A Versatile All-In-One


Like the name says, Ryobi’s Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener operates while making minimal noise, boasting 20 percent quieter sound than the competition. It’s also connected with integrated Wi-Fi, allowing you to operate it directly from a phone like the many smart home elements available today. What truly makes it special, though, is the company’s modular system that allow you to turn the garage opener in to a versatile garage equipment.

A total of five modules are available for the system, namely a Bluetooth speaker, a laser-based park assist device, a small electric fan, a carbon monoxide alarm, and a retractable cord reel.  Whether you want to listen to music whole working on your car, get air circulating around the garage during the humid summer months, or have cool lasers guiding you every time you park, just plug in a new module to get things done.


Housing a powerful 2-horsepower motor, the Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Open can raise and lower large garage doors without any hitch, all while doing it fast, so you never have to wait too long in the driveway.  It supports the outfit’s backup battery, which keeps enough charge for 100 openings, so you’ll have full access to the garage even with the power out, along with an overhead LED for emergency lighting.  Features include a multifunctional wall control pad, a wireless keypad, two remotes, and a safety sensor.


Available now, the Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener is priced at $278.79.

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