S-Walker Board Takes You Around Town On A Compact Deck With Two Wheels

Obviously, Dean Kamen tapped onto something when he created the Segway.  Years after its failed attempt at revolutionizing personal transport, people are still coming up with new machines attempting to find that sweet spot for personal mobility.  If you prefer a skateboard form factor, you might want to give the S-Walker Board a try.

Combining elements of the Segway, a skateboard and a balance board, the two-wheeled vehicle lets you get around town while perched on top a compact deck.  Unlike motorized skateboards, it’s meant strictly for solo mobility, so no fancy tricks to impress the girls — everything is all about getting from one place to another without walking because nobody needs all that boring exercise.

The S-Walker Board uses a pair of small wheels set up side-by-side in the center of the deck, driven by a pair of 250W motors that draw power from a rechargeable lead-acid battery.  When riding, you place your feet on the grip pads on either end of the deck, with steering accomplished by shifting your body weight.  It can carry riders who weigh up to 176 pounds and send them moving at up to 6.2 mph, with the onboard gyro keeping everything in perfect balance.  Range is rated at just a little over 12 miles, so you may want to use it sparingly if you want to keep using your ride throughout the day.  Since it’s very compact, though, you should be able to sneak it to work, school or the coffeeshop in the corner for replenishing on a wall outlet.

Slated for release in various markets by 2014, the S-Walker Board will retail for €699.

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