Sachs MadAss 125: Like A Scooter On Steroids

While not quite a motorcycle, the Sachs MadAss 125 is best represented as a scooter on steroids. Coupling hard-edged motorcycle aesthetics with the lightweight fuel-efficiency of their less-powerful counterparts, it hits the balance between power and practicality right between the eyes.

Despite posting outstanding fuel economy (one review had it at 2.76 liters per 100 kms), fuel savings is hardly even the MadAss’ biggest selling point. Fitted with a unique Sachs frame design, it puts excellent handling and an extremely comfortable riding position (that surprises almost everyone who takes to the bike) as its foremost qualities (apart from the immediately-noticeable aggressive looks, of course).

The bike powers up via a 125cc air-cooled four-valve engine (11bhp), rocks a manual transmission and weighs an extremely light 220lbs. Fuel tank is integrated right on the hollowed-out frame (1.35 gallons), allowing it an even more “naked” styling that really grabs people’s attention. Other details of the bike include dual disc brakes, tubeless tires, 16-inch alloy rims, twin 55-watt H.I.D. headlights, monoshock rear suspension and 43mm front hydraulic forks.

If you’re not a speed demon looking for a sporty bike with good mileage, it’s tough to imagine finding anything better. The Sachs Madass 125 is available for $2,695 in either black, silver, white or yellow.

[Moto-Scoot via Cool Material]