Sacuba Sports Sunglasses Comes With An Integrated Two-Part Cleaning Mechanism


Cyclists and runners who train regularly know just how important a pair of sports sunglasses can be, as they help reduce eyestrain when training under sunlight while deflecting both wind and debris away. They, however, become a bit more of a problem when riding during drizzles since all the drops of water that end up on the lenses can seriously hamper your vision. Try to wipe them with your hands and you can end up just smudging the lenses even further. The Sacuba R-Series Sunglasses offer a different solution.

Billed as the “world’s first self-clean sunglasses,” the eyewear comes with integrated microfiber pads at the inside section of the frame, allowing you to clean the lens by simply pushing it up the frame and back down to the original position. No need for cleaning cloths or to take it off for wiping down on your shirt – just push them up using one hand and you’re set. The action is simple enough that you can do it without having to make a stop, ensuring you can wipe the lenses down while keeping your workout going.


The Sacuba R-Series Sunglasses can effectively clean off water, oil, sweat, and dust particles from your lenses with the simple push-up and push-down motions, making it incredibly to clean off your sunglasses any time they get wet or dirty.  Whether you wear them when running, cycling, or hiking the local trails, the novel design should save you a good bit of time while removing the need to carry cleaning cloths that you’re bound to lose at some point during the day.

As for the actual sunglasses, it comes in a traditional wraparound shape that should help keep off the wind from the front, top, bottom, and sides, with flexible arms that should accommodate different face shapes without much difficulty. Of course, it comes with anti-slip nose pads to facilitate a secure grip on your face, all while being adjustable to let you find the most ideal fit.

The Sacuba R-Series Sunglasses come with polarized lenses for glare-free vision with 100 percent UVA and UVB protection for all-day sun protection. It comes fitted with the outfit’s Pivotlock system, which makes swapping in new lenses a dead-simple affair, making it easy to switch to different shades of lenses to adapt to changing ambient conditions.

The frame, by the way, is cut in TR90, the lightweight thermoplastic that’s become the de facto material for quality sports sunglasses. To the unfamiliar, TR90 has gained popularity because of its durability (some people call it plastic titanium), light weight (making it ideal for sports), and flexibility (which means they’re unlikely to break during impact). While you can use it with your favorite strap, using the one supplied with the R-Series is probably a better idea, since the strap is filled with foam inside to make them float on water. According to the outfit, the strap will not sink along with the sunglasses, allowing you to easily retrieve it any time it’s accidentally dropped in a body of water.

Available now with a pair of extra lenses, the Sacuba R-Series Sunglasses are priced at $79.

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