Safari Tent Lets You Camp With Complete Freedom Of Movement

Camping in style involves packing the best gear you have in your arsenal.  That means, driving up in your nastiest off-roader, bringing your most trustworthy tools, and bundling up every creature comfort you can string along for those moments you begin longing for the familiar surroundings of home.  When it comes to pitching your shelter as a proper home away from home, we can’t imagine a better rig than the Safari Tent.

Billed by its maker Barebones Living as “the mother of all tents,” it’s like building a functional home in the middle of the wilderness.  No more crawling into a cramped tent or leaving any of your gear outside to be ravaged by the elements — with 120 square feet of floor space and headroom tall enough to accommodate even NBA centers, you can literally roam inside the canvas walls in complete comfort.

The Safari Tent can accommodate sleeping beds for up to eight people, along with extra space for gear and supplies.  With all the vertical space, you can even set up double-decker bunks to fit even more people.  Construction is heavy-duty aluminum for the poles, nylon for the joints, zinc alloy for the stakes, and weatherproof cordura for the skin and the floor.  It comes with a detachable screen door and mesh windows, both designed to let air in while keeping bugs out.  The frames can anchor to wood and concrete as well as it can set up on soil, so you can even pitch it in the backyard as an extra guest room if needed.

Barebones Living has the Safari Tent available, priced at $1,999.99.

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