Dude, Where’s My Mansion? Safe House Transforms Into A Giant Concrete Box

You want the comforts of an ostentatious home fit for celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs.  But you keep having paranoid dreams involving zombies, paparazzis and zombie paparazzis, so you want a home that can also double as an impenetrable fort.  Here you go: the Safe House.

Designed by architects from KWK Promes, the home is a literal transforming house.  On a good day, you can have it be light, airy and open to the outside with lines of tall glass walls, a balcony and a comfy patio.  When you’re feeling like shutting out the rest of humanity,   it turns into a literal concrete box where you can hide out for the rest of your dark existence.

The Safe House is a concept home measuring 6,100 square feet.  In “safe” mode, all you see are slabs of stone and a large shutter out front, with the latter doubling as a movie projection wall when you want to enjoy a movie in the yard.  A single push of a button retracts all the protective trappings — the stone walls slide open, the shutters rise up and the drawbridge connecting it to another house with an indoor pool lowers.

With all security measures in place, there’s literally no way to enter the house other than a small door in the back.   We’re not sure about roof entrances, although we doubt there’s any.  If you’re trying to appeal to paranoids, you better have any potential entryway for airborne troops closed up, too.

Sure, the Safe House sounds more like a hardcore survivalist’s fortress than a sensible home solution.  There’s no denying its awesomeness, though.  Just pray to God you don’t forget your keys when you leave the house all locked down — I mean, how would you infiltrate an impenetrable abode?

[via Home Designing]