Safego Lets You Bring A Portable Safe Anywhere You Go


Whether you’re catching a wave, taking a dip, or building an artsy sand sculpture, you’re going to have to leave your valuables somewhere safe while enjoying the bounties of the beach. While you’ve done fine so far burying it in sand under the blanket, we have a feeling you’ll have a better time using the Safego.

A mini-safe, it lets you store your phone, wallet, and other valuables inside a locked chamber, all while securing to rails, benches, and similar fixtures. That way, you can enjoy everything the beach has to offer without the worry of having any of your belongings stolen.


The Safego is a hard plastic box that can only be opened using a combination and a key for two layers of protection. It’s durable and impact-resistant, so it won’t break with a simple whack, as well as water-resistant, so your valuables will be safely sheltered from the elements. A heavy-duty 6mm steel cable allows you to tie it securely around rails and poles, similar to a bike lock, with a plastic coating ensuring it won’t nick or scratch any surface it touches. Dimensions are 7 x 7.5 x 4 inches.


Features include a small plugged opening that you can use to pass through earphones (so you can listen with the phone still inside), 88 cubic inches of volume, and a rust-resistant lock mechanism to ensure it stays in functional shape through the years. It comes in four colors: pink, blue, black, and white.

Available now, the Safego is priced at $39.95.

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