Salmon Flavored Vodka Sounds Fishy

Every drunk this side of the universe knows that alcohol is more fun when you drink it till you’re puking your guts out.  If you love alcohol and hate fish, here’s something to make you throw up like you were 17 and chugging your first six-pack of beer again: Salmon-Flavored Vodka.  Blech.

Created by Alaska Distillery, the gimmicky drink claims to taste like real smoked salmon.  That means, you’ll be percolating  the gustatory sensation of fish in your mouth while you imbibe your normally unaged and colorless liquor.   Sounds fishy to me.

Unlike regular vodka, the Smoked Salmon Vodka is a little pinkish in color and reportedly tastes like a dish right out of your mom’s seafood cookbook.  It took them 48 tries to get the right blend of vodka and fish, before finally settling on the final process.  According to the company, this involves smoking the fish using a unique method, before removing the skin and grinding up the meat, which they then mix with highly-concentrated ethanol in order to produce the drink.

While I do eat fish with my booze on occasion, I don’t really get the appeal of combining the two in a single bottle.  I mean, have you ever lied in bed and wished you could drink alcohol that tastes like a scaly, slimy sea creature?  Make sure you drink this with a bucket nearby, just in case.

The Alaska Distillery Salmon-Flavored Vodka has already started arriving at some liquor stores around the US.  No word on pricing, but expect to see one near you soon.  Or wish you don’t, whichever the case may be.

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