Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket Folds Into A Pocket-Sized Bundle


Sometimes, you leave the house and it’s cold out, so you get back in and pick up your 30/30 Multi-Jacket.  A couple of hours later, the weather turns warm and you’re stuck having to carry a jacket around you no longer intend to wear.  Well, that sucks.  Not a problem with the S-Lab Light Jacket, a superlight windbreaker that you can fold up and cram into your pants pocket.

Made by Salomon, the jacket can pack into a tiny bundle that literally looks like a small bundled pair of socks.  It’s so small that it can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, as well as conveniently square away in any tiny nook of your pants, jacket or bag.

The S-Lab Light Jacket weighs a mere 2.5 ounces, ensuring it causes no discomfort when you hide it in your short’s pockets while doing your morning run.  And if it’s cold out, the lightness means it won’t weigh you down either, so you can run at your normal pace despite having a proper jacket on.  It’s constructed from a highly-breathable material that uses Salomon’s Climawind technology, ensuring a balance between breathability and weather resistance despite the minimal construction that enables it to fold down into a such a tight bundle.

If the local weather switches from warm to cold to colder during the course of a normal day, this bundles so small you can easily carry two or three in your pockets.  Yep, several layers of jackets hidden away in your person waiting to be deployed — pretty awesome.

You can buy the Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket in either white or black, priced at $80.

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