Samsonite Trolley Scooter Lets You Ride Your Luggage, Race To The Check-In Line


Since we’ve long been putting wheels on our luggages anyway, why not turn it into an actual ride?  This Samsonite Trolley Scooter does just that, fitting a clever little suitcase with its own built-in scooter.  Finally, you can dash to the front of the pack at the check-in with an unfair advantage.  Winner.

Luggages have generally been a burden, even when you’re packing light.  You either carried them or hauled them, losing you precious time you could have better spent sleeping at the lobby.  With this nifty little contraption, that should be over.

The Samsonite Trolley Scooter tucks in to a neat little suitcase with two wheels rolling on the ground, letting you pull at them like you’ve always done with your luggages your whole traveling life.  Once you pull the third wheel down, however, is when the magic happens, as it converts into a fun little scooter that you can ride as you snake your way through the mass of people at the airport.

Bored at the terminal?  Challenge other Trolley Scooter owners to a race from the bathroom to the condiment stand.  Loser buys refreshments, apart from being the one airport security gets to blame for any accidents that happen.  Fun.

Produced from a partnership between Samsonite and Europe-based Micro Mobility, the Samsonite Trolley Scooter is luggage that can definitely spice up dead time at the airport.  I’m sure you can probably do tricks on it too (there are plenty of hand rails at those terminals), if you’re so inclined.  Not sure where to get it, however, or how much.

[Micro Mobility via Crunchgear]