Samsung 3 Proof Memory Cards Will Survive Longer Than Your DSLR

We’ve seen heavily secured USB thumb drives and external hard disks before.  But what about the DSLR-toting photographers who keep their prized shots in SD cards, while they trawl through rivers, jungles and the mean city streets?  If that’s you, ensure your digital captures don’t get lost with the Samsung 3 Proof  Memory Cards.

Boasting the company’s “3 Proof” technology, the cards come duly protected from water, shock and magnets.  You can drop it in water (it will survive submersion in sea water up to 24 hours), accidentally step on it over rocky ground (it can survive crushing weights up to 1.6 tons), and bring it within the field of a 10K magnetic force — it will stay alive.  Suffice to say, your camera will conk out before the memory card does.

The Samsung 3 Proof Memory Cards come in 8GB and 16GB capacities, both bearing the company’s trademark quality and  10-year warranty.  They come with Class 10 rating, the highest SDHC performance standard, making the storage devices ideal for high-end digital gear.   Read speed is 24MBps, with write speeds of 21MBps.  To top things off, the card is clad in a brushed metal body, so it’s prettier than any of those plastic blue cards in your stash.

Both 8GB and 16GB Samsung 3 Proof Memory Cards are available from Amazon, with prices starting at around $25.