Samsung ArtPC Pulse Combines A Can-Shaped PC With Harman-Kardon Speakers


We’re big fans of the Mac Pro and its compact can-like form factor, which is why we were glad to see a Windows option in a similar build with the HP Pavilion Wave. It’s also the same reason why we’re happy to see the Samsung ArtPC Pulse, which gives Windows users another option in a small desktop PC you can place right next to your monitor.

Similar to HP’s Wave, it combines a desktop computer with an integrated omnidirectional speaker, making it a suitable integrated solution for any home user. Instead of cramming a B&O speaker, though, Samsung partnered with Karman Hardon for the top-mounted audio pipes, which comes with a similar omnidirectional ambient lighting for a little extra flair.

The Samsung ArtPC Pulse measures 10.7 x 5 inches (height x diameter), ensuring you won’t have hard time finding space for it even in the busiest desks. As for specs, the base model comes with a 2.7GHz Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, a 2GB AMD Radeon RX 460, and the usual connectivity options, while the top-end model throws in a 3.7GHz Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SATA HDD. Construction is all aluminum for the body, so it’s durable while remaining lightweight, making it easy to move around when you need to clear room to add other stuff on the desk.

Pricing for the Samsung ArtPC Pulse starts at $1,199 for the base model and tops out at $1,599 for the Core i7 version.

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