Samsung Just Made A Curved Soundbar For Your Curved TV

Apparently, upgrading to a curved TV causes a problem because your TV suddenly doesn’t match your soundbar.  Who the heck wants to live in a world where your home theater gear do not go together aesthetically?  That’s not a problem anymore with Samsung’s new Curved Soundbars.

Designed to match the company’s 55-inch and 65-inch screens, the audio system curves the exact same arc as the company’s curved TVs, ensuring it looks like a direct extension of the panel, rather than an extra addition to that thing you use to watch shows available on your Amazon Fire TV set-top box.  Whether for the living room, the bedroom, or the home theater, this is the perfect gear to complement the new generation of curved television sets.

Similar to the TVs, the Samsung Curved Soundbar can be set down on a stand or mounted up a wall.  Even better, it can be mounted directly under Samsung’s Curved TVs without the need to drill separate holes on the wall, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup.   It sports a slim 2.2-inch frame and a curvature radius of 13.8-feet, same as the TVs, with a finely-brushed aluminum finish that leaves it a high-quality, premium feel.

Designed to deliver immersive sounds, it features dual speakers on each side that let it deliver audio from three directions, producing what Samsung describes as “more spatial and overwhelming surround sound.”  Other features include 8.1-channel support and user-friendly functions accessible directly from Samsung TV remotes.

The Samsung Curved Soundbar is available now, priced at $800.

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