Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum Boasts Improved Object Recognition And Obstacle Detection

Have you ever had your cat lash out at your robot vacuum like it’s the biggest threat to their very existence? If you did, that’s likely because your robo-vac mistakenly tried to suck in your cat’s tail once – not exactly a new occurrence given the current generation of robo-vacs’ ongoing issues with obstacle detection. The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ vows to fix that.

Equipped with an active stereotype 3D sensor and a new object recognition AI, the device is able to better detect and recognize a cat’s tail, a power cable, or a small toy on the floor, allowing it to make better decisions that should eliminate those unfortunate instances of gobbling up things it otherwise shouldn’t. Basically, it’s an all-around smarter vacuum that can better recognize when to avoid objects and when to plow right through to ensure it avoids unfortunate accidents without compromising your home’s cleanliness.

The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ uses an active stereotype 3D sensor to accurately scan a wide area up to one meter away to detect smaller, hard-to-detect objects on the floor, as well as a 3D depth camera that uses 256,000 distance sensors to recognize items as small as 1 x 1 x 1 cm (width x height x depth). This combination of sensors, along with a new Intel AI solution, enables the detection and recognition of items not possible with previous robo-vacs, allowing it to make better decision about which sections to clean and which areas to drive around.

According to Samsung, the robot is able to better recognize obstacles on the floor, as well as all sorts of appliances and furniture that may be in its path. It can supposedly recognize delicate objects like a flower vase and maintain a safe distance around them, too, along with identifying objects on the floor it wouldn’t want to pick up (e.g. pet poop, power cables). Yes, we’d like a vacuum that can clean up pet poop, too, but we’ll probably get there at some point. It even has a LiDAR sensor that can calculate its precise location in the room, regardless of prevailing lighting, allowing it to gain accurate distance information to optimize its travel path in real time. That means, it can continue to clean efficiently even in a busy room, with pets running around and kids playing on the floor.

The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ can identify any surface it’s working on and adjust the suction power of the digital inverter motor accordingly, so it can crank up and tone down the power as needed all on its own. It can even identify the amount of dust in an area and dial up the suction as required. An advanced five-layer filtration system traps 99.99 percent of micro particles as soon as they get suctioned, ensuring there’s no chance they get released back in the air at any point, while a large dust bag in the charging station allows the robo-vac to empty out its contents while docked, eliminating the need to clean out the vacuum daily as you only need to replace the dust bag every one to three months, depending on how much dirt it collects.

The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ comes out in August, priced at $1,299.

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