Samsung M7 43-Inch Monitor Can Function As A 4K Smart TV, A Standalone Remote PC, And More

Last year, Samsung introduced their Smart Monitor line, which blurred the line between monitors and TVs by working much like a standard monitor, while packing nearly everything you would expect to find on a smart TV. Seriously, they threw in all but a TV tuner onboard. From what we can tell, the darn thing was a hit, especially with folks buying new monitors for their work-from-home gigs. As such, they’re making a bigger one this time around in the form of the Samsung M7 43-Inch Monitor.

Just like its 32-inch predecessor, the 4K monitor can hook up to your PC for use as a standard monitor, allowing you to run all the apps you need for work. Except… you know… it has a way bigger screen real estate, allowing you to open multiple apps and show them all onscreen at the same time, making it feel like you’re working on multiple 1080p displays while keeping your desk uncluttered with extra mounts and cables.

The Samsung M7 43-Inch Monitor is a smart monitor with a 3840 x 2160 resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a 178-degree viewing angle. There’s a 60Hz max refresh rate and an 8ms response time, so while it’s not going to make the best gaming monitor, it should work well enough if you want to decompress on a competitive shooter after a long day of grinding on your work tasks. It’s got all the input slots you’d expect from a contemporary monitor, so you can hook it up to your PC or laptop to get work done.

Need to work from your PC in the office? You can connect remotely from the monitor via the PC on Screen feature, so as long as your work machine is running and hooked up to the network, you should be able to access it as if it were in your home. And yes, you can do that without needing to have an extra PC in the house. It’s even got Microsoft 365 suite built-in, in case you want to edit documents in the cloud without having to turn on your computer.

Aside from being a proper productivity device, the Samsung M7 43-Inch Monitor is also duly-equipped as a smart TV, complete with onboard speakers, so you can watch shows and movies like you were on the living room display.  While it doesn’t have a tuner, you can watch, pretty much, what you want with an internet connection via Samsung TV Plus, which provides TV-like live content for some after-work channel surfing, along with the glut of streaming services out there (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and everything else), with all their content organized via the monitor’s Universal Guide. They even threw in a solar-powered remote control, so you can sit back from a distance, complete with support for Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, so you can navigate the listings using voice commands.

It boasts an auto-adjusting brightness that detects the surrounding light and alters the setting automatically to ensure the screen looks clear and vibrant, regardless of the ambient lighting. Other features include AirPlay 2 support, wireless DeX connectivity (for using your Samsung smartphones and tablets like a PC), and an ultrawide 21:9 view for widescreen gaming.

The Samsung M7 43-Inch Monitor comes out later in the year.

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