Samsung Refrigerators Come With LCD Screen, Apps And WiFi

Touchscreens — they’re everywhere.  And we’re just not getting sick of them.  In case you can handle one more touch-sensitive display in your life, you might want to consider getting Samsung’s pair of refrigerators with 8-inch LCD screens.

Two models are currently available: a 28 cu. ft. 4 door fridge (French-style) and a 30 cu. ft. side by side unit.  Both look just like regular modern kitchen appliances, except they have a touchscreen display right above the ice dispenser (no, Homer, that’s not a beer tap), similar to the way some people have been mounting their iPads in fridges.

The app-running Samsung refrigerators also have built-in WiFi, which they use to connect to your home network for updates. Available apps include memo, photo display (can connect to Picasa or read from an SD card), Epicurious recipes, Associated Press, Weather Bug, Google Calendar, Twitter and Pandora.  Sadly, there’s no browser, so no keeping up with your XKCD fix or trolling Facebook while getting a beer.

Aside from the novelty of running software, they should freeze, cool and chill your consumables (or chopped up dead bodies, if you’re a serial killer who lives in a horror house) just like any good fridge.  Features include an advanced fan system that keeps it an optimal temperature, twin cooling system, humidity-controlled crispers, tempered glass shelves and gallon bins.

If there was ever any fridge more suited for sporting Fridgebook Magnets, these Samsung models have to be it.  The 28 cu. ft. 4 door fridge goes for $3,499, while the 30 cu. ft. side by side model retails for $2,699.