Samsung Tango, An Autonomous Vacuum That Cute Chicks Like To Play With In Bed


Yep, it’s a vacuum cleaner.  On a bed.  With a hot Korean chick wearing a very short skirt.  Questions arise.

Why is it in bed?  I have no idea.  But I get the feeling I’ve seen a similar scene in certain type of movie before.  Except the gadget is not a vacuum, but something else.

What does it suck in? Excellent question. From what we can tell, dirt – just like every vacuum cleaner known to man.  The look in that model’s eyes sure suggest something else, doesn’t it?

Can it perform things other vacuum cleaners can’t?  Apparently, it should.  The Samsung Tango is an autonomous vacuum cleaner that you can throw on the floor and leave to its own devices.  Packing 13 different sensors that allow it to maneuver without your help, you really might be able to spend the day lounging in bed instead of cleaning the house yourself.


Hardware set includes a dual brush design, a gyro sensor to help it stay on course and several crash sensors that let it detect objects on its path from two meters away.   Oh yeah, there’s a camera onboard too so you can watch it clean stuff up from afar (and, maybe, get an upskirt view or two).

Now, does the photo of the cute Korean model looking right across you from the other side of the bed with a remote in hand make sense?  It still doesn’t?  Who cares – hot girls make me want to buy stuff, arrrrggggghhhh!  The Samsung Tango is supposed to be rolling out in Korea, though pricing and release dates aren’t at all clear.

[via Akihabara]