Samsung’s The Frame TV Looks Like A Literal Framed Artwork


Remember LG’s ultra-slim W-Series TV, which is so slim the only option is to mount it up a wall like a mirror? Yeah, it’s awesome. Samsung goes the other route with their similar slim The Frame TV, pairing it with a bezel that looks like a literal frame, so it can blend in with other pictures, paintings, and framed prints mounted up your wall.

Yes, that unusual design fashioned by Yves Behar has a purpose. Specifically, Samsung’s new panel comes with an Art Mode that triggers the random display of custom digital art in its memory, essentially turning into a framed art piece that adds to your home décor.

With Art Mode switched on, Samsung’s The Frame TV automatically switches to it any time you turn off the TV, so your panel keeps showing artwork instead of simply going dark. It comes 100 art pieces in 10 different categories, so you can choose whatever types of visuals play more to your fancy, whether it’s landscapes, architecture, wildlife, or illustrations. The frame-like bezel is easily swappable, too, so you can just swap in a new one every time you update your home’s décor.

Since it’s designed to look like a frame, the TV comes with Samsung’s new Invisible Connection and No Gap wall-mount, allowing to seamlessly blend in with other framed displays in your home. No word on display quality or any other tech specs, but we imagine this will be packing the most advanced tech in the outfit’s arsenal.

Samsung’s The Frame TV is scheduled for release in the spring.

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