SAMT FlexMirror Portable Monitor Lets You Bring A Colorful OLED Panel ON The Go

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a number of portable monitors that enable a dual-screen experience when working on the go. They’re incredibly handy. The SAMT FlexMirror, however, takes the portable monitor to the next level with improved visuals and convenient wireless functions.

That’s right, this monitor promises a better visual experience than anything currently in the market (well, anything that’s not a 4K monitor anyway), all while remaining as portable as the current crop of options. Even better, it doesn’t require a USB connection to your laptop, as it can receive images over the air using your computer’s wireless connection, making it that much more convenient to use.

The SAMT FlexMirror uses a 13.3-inch Samsung OLED panel, which is definitely something we haven’t seen in a portable monitor yet. The outfit calls it “the most colorful display in the world.” While we’re not quite sure about the accuracy of that statement, it’s definitely good in color reproduction with 100 percent DCI-P3 coverage, all while coming with 1080p resolution, 390 nits of brightness, and a 700,000:1 contrast ratio. According to the outfit, it’s SGS-certified for both flicker-free operation and reduced blue light emission, making it safe to stare at for long periods. It also comes with 10-point multi-touch, so you can use it with taps, swipes, and pinches like any touchscreen monitor for more intuitive controls.

Because OLED panels are both significantly slimmer and lighter than traditional LCD displays, the monitor comes in a more compact profile than most portable monitors in the market. In fact, the entire thing measures just a quarter of an inch thick, so you can keep it in the same sleeve as your laptop, eliminating the need to bring an extra pouch for your secondary display. It’s very lightweight at just 1.3 pounds, too, so it barely adds any heft to your backpack or messenger bag.

The SAMT FlexMirror can receive images wirelessly from Windows and Android devices, so you don’t even have to run a cable for a truly mess-free setup. It’s even got its own built-in rechargeable battery, so there’s no need to run a line to a power outlet, either, with the 7,000 mAh module able to keep it running for up to five hours between charges. Do note, the wireless display isn’t supported for MacOS, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch, so you’ll need to hook those devices up via a USB-C cable. For devices without a USB-C slot (e.g. DSLR or older laptops), it can also work using an HDMI to USB-C cable.

The monitor comes with stereo speakers onboard, so you can play sound directly through the same device, although you’ll have to remember that this is still a compact display, so we doubt they’re able to cram in a pretty good speaker inside. Other features include a 60Hz refresh rate, Samsung DeX support, Smart View support, and a protective cover that can be folded to serve as a stand for setting up on the desk.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the SAMT FlexMirror. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $359.

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