Samurai Kitchen Knives: Slice And Dice Like A Japanese Warrior

If you spend any decent amount of time in the kitchen, we’re sure you’ve probably purchased a good set of knives already.  So have I.  And as much as I appreciate the fine set of blades squared away in my Victorinox Knife Block, I can’t help but feel I’m ready to give them all up for this set of Samurai Kitchen Knives.

Billed as “the ultimate kitchen accessory for the cultural cook,” the fully-functional kitchen knives come styled as traditional Japanese warrior swords.  We doubt they’re any better than your existing knives for accomplishing various kitchen duties, but if you like pretending to be a military man from feudal Japan while slicing the meats and vegetables like the emperor ordered, then we can’t imagine anything better. Yes, your wife is the emperor in this scenario.

Each Samurai Kitchen Knives set includes one chef’s knife, one bread knife, one utility knife, and one paring knife, along with a wooden sword stand that shows off your faux collection of historical artifacts in their full glory.  While these are novelty knives, the blades are, of course, cut the same way as their traditional kitchen counterparts, so they won’t make food prep any more difficult than it normally is.  All the knives come with realistic samurai sword handles, along with a matching set of red aluminum sheaths, so you can use it to stage a real life game of Fruit Ninja with the boys.

Fizz Creations has the Samurai Kitchen Knives available, priced at $60.

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