Sand By Brookstone Combines Wet Sand And Play-Doh In A Magical Alchemy Of Awesomeness

Making stuff with sand is so much fun — when you’re on the beach.  At home, though, that thing just makes for an unsightly mess.  Bringing home buckets of sand for building sand castles in the living room is just a horrible idea.  That is, of course, before Sand by Brookstone came into existence.

No, Brookstone isn’t tricking you by selling you sand they simply repackaged from the beach.  Instead, it’s sand (that, yes, may have come from the beach) mixed with polymer, turning the erstwhile grainy material into a Play-Doh-like clay for building with sand minus the mess.  It’s really awesome.

Similar to Play-Doh, Sand by Brookstone is soft, moist, packable and stretchable, allowing you to crumple it into a sandy mess, pack it into a huge bundle and turn it into a whole host of fancy creations you probably can’t ever do with just plain sand at the beach.  Plus, everything sticks together so there’s no mess to clean up after you’re done.  Since the material is predominantly common sand (98 % sand and 2 % polymer, actually), it won’t stick to your hands and won’t leave any residue, but will flow just like wet sand does.  Plus, it doesn’t dry out, so you can play with it forever until the end of time as we know it.  Like, seriously, the thing combines the best of all universes combined.

A sand castle for the coffee table?  Not a problem.  How about just a bundle of sand for lining the empty aquarium that you’re too lazy to hide in the attic?  Sure, that will work.  Basically, this thing brings together the best parts of Play-Doh and wet sand, opening up new avenues for creatively goofing off instead of getting stuff done the rest of the day.  Oh, well.

Sand by Brookstone is available in packs containing 2.2 pounds of sand each.  Price is $40 for two packs.

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