These Pandora Cabinets Look Like Miniature Shipping Containers


We’ve seen shipping containers turned into pop-up bars and saunas, but they’re way too large to actually be repurposed into functional home furniture. If you’re still looking for ways to integrate a little shipyard aesthetic into your home, though, you may want to check out these Pandora Cabinets.

Made by Sander Mulder, the cabinets faithfully recreate the appearance of shipping containers, all while coming in sizes that are suitable for use around the house. Whether for the living room, the bedroom, or any other space in your abode, these things should make for functional storage pieces that lend it an industrial flair.


The Pandora Cabinets come in three standard sizes, with an option for custom sizing, although that should cost a bit extra. Each one has walls cut in powder-coated steel, with steel hardware and a smoked glass inlay if you want a flat surface on top, as well as options for outfitting it metal shelves, glass shelves, and four swivel wheels for easy mobility. Like real shipping containers, the cabinets are designed to stack on top of each other, allowing you to turn a corner of the room into a veritable shipping dock with multiple containers layered in piles.


We’re not entirely sure how much each one weighs, but we’re guessing they’re pretty hefty, considering the substantial-looking construction. It comes in four standard colors (black, white, orange, anthracite), with custom options available if you prefer your shipping containers decked in more unconventional hues.


Available now, pricing for the Pandora Cabinet starts at €1,198.

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