Sandless Beach Mat Repels Sand, Dust And Water For A Comfy Day At The Beach

We love the beach.  but Sand?  Eh, not so much.  Sure, it feels good under your feet and you can build castles with it.  But once it gets under your trunks while you’re lying on your Bodacious Beach Blanket, all bets are off — no more love.  Unless you were smart enough to lie on the sand with a Sandless Beach Mat under you.

Originally developed for military use, the particle-shedding beach accessory is constructed from fabric that’s simply impossible to cover with sand.  In fact, the particles fall right down under the mat once your sand-covered ass plops down, keeping your body positively free from granules grinding against your bare skin.

The Sandless Beach Mat is made from two layers of rip-stop woven polyurethane, covering a total area of 64 square feet.   It has designated  top and bottom sides that you’ll have to use accordingly — one side lets sand slide right through, while the other repels it.  Metal D-rings are installed on each corner to accommodate ground stakes, so it doesn’t fly away when you leave it to take a dip.

Aside from shedding off sand, the unique blanket will eliminate any dirt and dust that touches its surface as well, allowing it to stay clean throughout your entire stay.  What about moisture?  Pfft.  The polyurethane material won’t absorb that either, so it will stay dry even when plop down after getting off the water.

A 19 x 16 inch travel bag is thrown in, allowing you to fold the Sandless Beach Mat into an easily portable bundle.  You can get it from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $69.95.

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