SandStand Is A Portable Beach Table No Bigger Than A Chopping Board


You bring a folding chair to the beach, so you can sit comfortably, yet put down your food and drinks on the sand, extending yourself to reach for them every time. If bringing a folding table is too much of a hassle, maybe you’ll find the SandStand a whole lot more appealing.

A handcrafted wooden beach table, it’s designed for utmost portability while giving you adequate surface space to hold beverages and a few snacks while you lounge on the sand. No more warming your beer on the sand or risking getting dirt on your snacks – just bring this thing along to ensure you can keep everything off the ground.


Measuring 16 x 11.25 x 0.75 inches (l x w x d), the SandStand looks nothing more than a chopping board while you carry it in hand. To use, simply pull out the dowel on the backside, secure it on the receiving base, and stake the table in the sand, pushing it deep enough to ensure the whole thing stays stable. The dowel measures 15.5 inches long, so you should have around a foot of distance between the sand and the table surface, ensuring your drinks and snacks are a good height away from the ground.


Features include two cup holders, two bottle openers at the bottom, two footman loops for hanging your sunglasses, and a cutout handle. Granted, it probably won’t be big enough for any party larger than two, but it’s so convenient, it still won’t be a hassle to bring multiple SandStands along.

Available in three different wood types (hard maple, cherry, and walnut), pricing for the SandStand starts at $75.

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