Use The Sandwich Knife To Make The Perfect Bread Slices In Half The Time


Like regular bread knives, you can use the Sandwich Knife to cut a loaf of bread into sandwich-sized slices. Unlike them, the knife’s unusual configuration should cut the slicing time in half.

Instead of cutting into the loaf twice to get the two slices you need to make a sandwich, you only need to dig in once. Even better, the knife is designed to keep the bottom crust between the two slices intact, giving you a way to hold the sandwich without the sauces, vegetables, and other ingredients slipping out from the bottom.


The Sandwich Knife combines two blades on a single handle, set up in a parallel configuration that enables it to make two slices in one go. Vertically offset blades ensure it cuts through the bread cleanly, while leaving the bottom crust intact. Of course, one connected edge doesn’t exactly ensure the bread will hold everything in, but it does help maximize your chances of preventing that coleslaw, mustard, or chili from running down your arm, spilling onto the table, or falling out straight to your clean shirt (yeah, you should have worn that Dirt Pattern Shirt).


Construction is stainless steel for the blades, with the handle covered in synthetic rubber for a comfortable grip. Do note, the connected crust means you can’t brown the slices in a toaster the traditional way – either you insert it in a toaster one at a time or heat it inside a toaster oven.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Sandwich Knife. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $38.

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