Sap Cap: Ugly Headpiece, Potent Weapon


Here’s one more personal self-defense weapon to add to your arsenal. Called the Sap Cap, it’s a blank baseball cap armed with a weighted blackjack right on the crown.

For the unsuspecting onlooker, it looks just like any fashion atrocity – an ugly baseball cap picked up from Target bins. Take it off, however, and it turns into a blackjack, ready to break noses and smash skulls. Just use the cap bill as the handle and hurl the crown at whoever’s hurting for a beating. It’s an instant knockout punch without needing to use your knuckles.

A deceptively powerful weapon, the Sap Cap contains a pocket of impact material that the manufacturer claims has 10% more density than lead. Since it doesn’t rust, you can keep the Sap Cap forever and have it as a handy weapon, ready to serve you any time you wear it (at the cost of your dignity). Totally devoid of any fashion sense, it uses a six-panel Velcro closure to accommodate your large head.

Personally, I’m willing to add $20 if they can make this thing look halfway fashionable. A fitted flex-fit cap would have sufficed – I can take care of jazzing it up otherwise. Unfortunately, the ugly black and logo-less variant is the only option you can get. Great for protection, disastrous for everything else.

Those who can manage the unappetizing appearance can arm themselves with a Sap Cap for $30.

[BudK via Fashionably Geek]