Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa Uses Stacking Geometric Cushions To Mimic The Classic Puzzle Video Game

It’s not the first furniture to draw inspiration from Tetris. Those interlocking tetromino shapes lend themselves well to modular furniture designs, after all. The Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa, however, delivers one of the nicest-looking implementations we’ve seen, allowing you to build a couch that looks like it’s lifted straight out of the classic puzzle game.

That’s right, this sofa is made using individual 3D panels that literally assemble the same way you pile up those blocks in a game of Tetris. Granted, they didn’t use actual tetrominos throughout, so it’s not quite the faithful interpretation of the classic video game, but it does make for a fun piece of furniture that you can use for much more than plopping down to watch TV.

The Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa consists of multiple modules, each fitted with its own structure, cushioning, and upholstery. It comes in different shapes, some that can pass off as actual 3D tetrominos and others that won’t, although putting the sofa together should feel a lot like you’re stacking those geometric shapes in the original game. Since they’re just stacked together, the modules can be moved at any time, allowing you to use each one as separate seats or cushions when you have a bunch of guests around the house.

No word on the actual materials used for the structure or the cushioning, so we’re not sure how sturdy or comfortable this is, although it does look like it will hold up just based on the product photos. The upholstery, on the other hand, is made up of different materials. Some are covered in velvet, others in suede, and some in leather, among other fabrics, along with varying colors. While that makes it look strange when set up in the living room, it does make the whole thing feel like a puzzle of sorts even when you see it assembled. According to the outfit, the fully-assembled sofa measures 144 x 36 x 54 inches (width x height x depth), with a seat height of 18 inches.

Learn more about the Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa from the link below.

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