Sasquatch Cocktail Shaker Can Serve Ten In One Go

Sometimes, you happily mix cocktail after cocktail for your party guests.  Other times, you wish they’ll just take a vodka bottle each and drink straight from the bottle.  Maybe you just need a way to make ten servings worth of a cocktail in one fell swoop.  Well, that’s exactly what you can do with the Sasquatch Cocktail Shaker.

It’s built, shaped and otherwise equipped like a regular cocktail shaker.  Except, of course, it’s way larger, allowing it to hold 110 oz of your mixes at any one time.  Serve it in a giant wine glass for your personal libation or dispatch the shaken cocktail to your row of friends, we don’t care — just don’t drop the cocktail shaker on our foot when you put it down (that looks like it can hurt).

The Sasquatch Cocktail Shaker measures 15.5 inches tall, likely making it taller than most of the liquor bottles in your mini-bar.  As with regular strainers, it’s constructed from stainless steel, with a built-in strainer for separating the fruit pulps and ice from your liquored-up mixes.  Being elegant gentlemen, we don’t recommend drinking from the shaker itself, but we doubt anyone will be able to keep you from trying that out.  Do note, this thing is so big, there’s a good chance it can slip away from your hands while you’re doing your show-off bartender acrobatics, so maybe tone that down a bit while dealing with this extra-large contraption.

Home Wet Bar has the Sasquatch Cocktail Shaker available, priced at $49.95.

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