Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp Turns Any Bottle Into A Beautiful Desk Lamp

Turning a bottle into the body of a desk lamp probably isn’t the most original idea.  We’re pretty sure we’ve seen it done a few times in the past, especially among folks who like upcycling erstwhile trash items.  The Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp, however, lets you use empty bottles for the same purpose without much work, allowing you to turn any bottle into a lamp body.

A lighting unit cut in the likeness of a lamp shade, you simply insert it into the mouth of any bottle to get yourself a fancy lamp similar to the one you have sitting on your bedside table (if you have a BANG Lamp in your bedroom, by the way, I want to live with you).  Well, maybe not as fancy, but it could definitely be if you choose an elegant-looking bottle (or maybe a fancy flower vase).

The Satechi Touch USB LED consists of a conical piece of plastic with a stick inside that slots into the bottle opening and the actual LEDs installed inside the structure, so the plastic itself also acts as the shade of sorts.  Instead of plugging into a wall outlet, though, it only needs to draw power from a USB port, so you can use it in your work desk by simply plugging onto your laptop.  Heck, you can even use it while you work in the park at night (provided there’s a park in your neighborhood where you can pull out a laptop without being mugged) — just insert the stick on an empty water bottle, hook the USB cable up, and you’re good to go.

Instead of using switches, the lamp is touch-powered, allowing you to simply tap on the silver disc at the top in order to power on and off.  The lamp itself is designed to be cool to the touch, so you can use it all day without accidentally burning yourself.

You can order the Touch USB LED Lamp directly from the Satechi website or Amazon, priced at $24.99.

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