A Unique Ring-Like Chamber Ensures These Saturn Glasses Will Never Completely Tip Over


Everybody knows that coordination is one of the first things to go away once you start getting drunk. It’s the reason why people knock their wine glasses over all the time after having a few. And while there’s still no cure for the clumsiness that arises out of inebriation, someone made these spill-proof Saturn Glasses to prevent the mess it will inevitably precipitate.

Created by Super Duper Studio, it’s a stemless wine glass that you can safely knock over without spilling its contents. Really. Heck, you can roll it around the table while tilted and the wine will stay safely ensconced inside. Granted, you’ll have to make sure your glass is never filled too high (otherwise, some of the contents may spill), but if you can exercise the patience to maintain a reasonable level of libations in the vessel at all times (knowing that you own Giant Wine Glasses makes it clear this will be a challenge), you should be fine.


The Saturn Glasses have a tapered flat bottom that allows it to stand firmly like any drinking vessel, with a wide chamber that serves as an outside ring (hence, the name) to keep the glass balanced even after a clumsy hand pushes it off to its side. Do note, the glasses will still break if it crashes to the floor, so you’ll still want to be careful when clumsily raising a toast or cupping it in your hand while doing the Shmoney Dance.


Each Saturn Glass is shaped manually before being blown into a mold, then annealed overnight before being cut and polished by hand. Available in two sizes (one for red and one for white wine), it retails for $52 each.

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