Sauna Box Is A Self-Contained Steam Room In A Shipping Container

You want to build a steam room in your house, but not sure where to start?  Buy it pre-made with the Sauna Box, a self-contained hot air retreat that you can set up anywhere without heavy construction work.

Built into a shipping container, it’s about as portable as a sauna can get — sure, you can’t strap a Forearm Forklift around it and carry the whole thing to your mom’s house, but you can load it up a truck the same way people do with regular shipping containers.  And since it’s self-contained, you can use it any place you can set it down — on a pickup, in the backyard or right next to your cabin in the woods.

The Sauna Box is built inside a shipping container measuring 96 x 96 x 96 inches, with the entire exterior of the original freight receptacles retained, so you can stack it along with the rest of the boxes in the docks and no one will be the wiser.  Solar panels set up on the roof allow it to generate its own power, with a wood burning stove inside the room providing all the hot air you need to sweat off all the stresses of the day.

Inside, it’s equipped with a Castor stool, an iPod stereo system, an electric guitar hookup (just in case you want to play guitar while taking a steam bath for some reason), magnetic truck lights, and bronze antlers for decor.  The interior is done up in western red cedar.

We’re not sure how much having a sauna built in your house will cost, but the semi-portable Sauna Box will damage your banking account with a cool $41,000.

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