Save A Blade Sharpens Dull Shaving Razors

Disposable razors dull out. Whether it’s from shaving twice a day or from air exposure during the six days of the week you don’t need to scrape your face, they eventually go bad. Save A Blade looks to extend the life of your favorite refill blades by providing a convenient facility for sharpening their dull edges, making sure they continue to give you a clean, close shave, instead of ending up as a part of civilization’s refuse.

We all know Gillette, Bic and Shick make a killing in cartridges. I try to dampen their profits a bit by soaking my disposable shavers in rubbing alcohol (keeps it sharper for longer). If I forget that, though, it begins showing signs of dulling before the week is even through.  Sucks, right?

Save A Blade lets you forget maintenance all you want, making it a godsend for the disorganized among us. If the blade dulls out, simply insert it into the device’s mouth, press a button and leave it there for five seconds. Yes, after just five short counts, the blade becomes as deadly sharp as if you just opened the pack. No more cuts from poor shaves or half-picked stubbles, all while saving potentially tens (or hundreds) of dollars on annual cartridge purchases.

Absolute tightwad and proud of it, paired with heavy mounds of facial hair? The Save A Blade should turn out as your favorite bathroom gadget yet. It requires four AA batteries to operate and is available for less than $15.

[via Red Ferret]