Congratulations, Your Ugly Tattoos Can Now Last Forever


Some people hate their tattoos when they get older. Others continue to adore theirs like a classic work of art. If you belong in the latter, you just might be interested in Save My Ink, a new service that will preserve your tattoos long after you’re dead and gone, so you can pass them on to your heirs like a family heirloom.

No, they won’t just photograph a tattoo and frame them for hanging up a wall. Instead, they’ll actually slice off the tattooed part of the skin from your dead body and preserve that, then house the whole thing in a frame that your family can mount up a wall to remember you by.


Save My Ink preserves the tattooed skin by putting it through a treatment process that permanently alters the chemical structure of the skin tissue to stop it from decaying. We’re guessing it turns into some kind of leather, with the artwork completely intact. There’s no word on whether you can patch it onto a jacket or integrate it into other garments (I mean, that should work if it’s a leather of some kind), but we’re sure a mischievous offspring in one your future generations will probably try that somewhere down the line.


Do note, the service itself won’t slice off the skin – instead, they’ll send a removal kit to your relatives, who can then commission a funeral home to do the deed. That removed skin is then sent back to the service, who puts it through their preservation process before sending it back your way.

You can visit the Save My Ink website to learn more.

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