Save The Office From Lunch Confusion With The Takeout Menu Organizer


Lunchtime is always busy time at the office.  That’s because stomachs are grumbling and no one has any idea where to get their food.  Except you, of course, because you’ve got the Takeout Menu Organizer, a three-ring binder designed for putting together a compilation of local take-out flyers.  My hero!

Everyone at work likes takeout food.  Despite that, no one seems to bother organizing the stack of restaurant flyers that regularly make their rounds.  That’s where you swoop in, of course, saving the day one food order at a time.


The Takeout Menu Organizer is a hardcover binder with nine tabbed dividers containing storage pockets for holding those menus and an elastic closure.   Sure, you can use any generic binder from the office supplies store to do the same thing, but this one was built exactly for the job, with a big label in front (so no one mistakes it for sensitive documents that should be put to the shredder when the FBI begins snooping in the lobby), a sheet for frequently-called numbers, service record areas (so everyone can list down their impressions), order sheets and even a tipping chart.

With no one safe from layoffs, isn’t it high time you made yourself indispensable to your workplace?  That’s exactly what will happen when you become the token “lunch hero,” wielding your powerful stack of delivery flyers when noon begins to linger.  Just remember to scribble your name on the cover to let everyone know who takes care of their daily fast food fix.

Available for $19.99, the Takeout Menu Organizer sounds like a small price to pay for job security,  doesn’t it?

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