Schiller X1 Lets You Navigate The Water Like You’re Riding A Bicycle

You love bicycles.  That’s just how you are.  When you go to work, you ride a monstrously colorful fixie.  When you hit the gym, you exercise on the stationary bike.  When you play the fairways on the weekends, you go hole to hole on a Golf Bike.  Now, you can even hit the water while bicycling with the Schiller X1.

No, this isn’t a boat that got fitted with a pedal system.  Instead, it looks like they took apart a functional bike, then rigged the darn thing so it can ride like a boat.  It uses real bicycle parts, too, including the handlebars, cranks, pedals, saddle, dropper seat post, and adjustable stems. As such, it’s going to feel completely like riding a bicycle, even while you navigate the water right next to other watercrafts.

Described as “the most advanced production water bike,” the Schiller X1 uses a multi-speed drivetrain that allows it to push through the water at high speeds.  It features twin oscillating propellers mounted on specially-designed reaction arms to enable responsive steering, allowing riders to make tight turns in the water even without a rudder, with dual-chamber inflatable pontoons that ensure it rides completely stable and safe, whether on the beach or at the lake.  For transport, it can fit on most bike racks and car trunks, with assembly and disassembly taking no more than 10 minutes.  Other details include high-intensity LED lighting, a watertight storage compartment, and heavy-duty construction (stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum).

The Schiller X1 is available now, priced at $6,495.

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