Schwinn Lemon Peeler Bicycle Revives The 1968 Stingray Classic


Do you take your bicycle around the city and wish people would pay attention to your ride? Yeah, bicycles aren’t exactly the kind of vehicles to get people gawking. At least, not when they look every other road bike every other schmuck is riding around during morning commute. That’s definitely not what the Schwinn Lemon Peeler is.

Yes, Schwinn is reviving the Lemon Peeler Krate Stingray model from 1968 and it looks exactly the same as it did back in the year Star Trek broadcasted the first interracial kiss in television history. Whether you were around to actually ride one of these things back in the day or just enjoy riding goofy bicycles ironically (or un-ironically, whichever the case may be), this thing should make for a ride that will command attention while you pedal ever so slowly on the streets.


The Schwinn Lemon Peeler, naturally, retains the Stingray frame, hanger-style handlebars, and springer fork that defined the original’s aesthetics, complete with a striped banana seat and “sissy” bar at the tail, so you can sit back all relaxed while riding around the city. That frame is all-steel, by the way, so this should be as hardwearing as your regular city bike, while the fork, combined with twin shocks on the rear seat posts, should absorb all the impact when jumping curbs and clearing potholes. Features include a 16-front wheel, a 20-inch rear wheel, and coaster brakes.


Only 500 of the Schwinn Lemon Peeler will be made. Price is $350.

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