Sci-Fi Door Decal Turns Your Bedroom Entrance Into A B-Movie Set

Ever wished you lived in a restricted underground lab where all entryways are locked by steel doors plastered with warning signs like those found in sci-fi films?  Well, you can finally turn your dwelling in mom’s basement into one of those with the Sci-Fi Door Decals.

A set of removable decals sized to wear on doors, the decorative panels can turn the entrance into your erstwhile boring bedroom, dorm room, and bathroom into a door straight out of a sci-fi movie set.  It’s designed strictly for smooth and semi-smooth doors, so it probably won’t work with your front door, but most other doors in the house should be fair game.  Plus, you can plaster it up a wall with no actual door to trick guests who ask where the bathroom is — should be good for a couple of laughs.

The Sci-Fi Door Decals come in three full-color designs: Airlock, Laboratory and Armory.  Airlock features a print of a big steel door, with realistic hand holds, release mechanisms, and assorted warning signs; Laboratory shows a secure steel door similar to those found in secret testing facilities and mad scientist labs; and Armory sports a print that make it appear like a see-through gun shelf.  Each one is made from low-tack vinyl adhesive (3M Scotchcal Film), with dimensions of 80 x 32 inches (h x w), which should allow it to fit over most common-sized doors.

Of course, if you want to truly geek out on your favorite sci-fi settings, you’ll probably want matching custom wall and ceiling decals, but we’ll leave you to figure that part out.  Each Sci-Fi Door Decal is available separately, priced at $64.99.

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