SciXors, A Mini-Scissor Keychain

If you’re going to have a keychain, it might as well be one that doubles for something useful.  Like a Space Invaders keychain with multi-tool powers.  Or a ResqMe Mini with its lifesaving talents.  Maybe a Chobi Cam One for stealth picture-taking?  In case you frequently come across a need to snip and clip stuff throughout the day, the SciXors should prove worthy of the space in your pocket.

Made by True Utility, it’s a tiny scissor that folds into a pocketable key fob.  It probably won’t be the most useful scissors in the world (the Fiskars Cuts+More should slay it every day of the week) with the small crossed blades and lack of finger holes, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the practically useless ones on your Swiss Knife.

The SciXors is a small pair of spring-assisted scissors that measure 55 x 12 mm and weighs 24 grams.   For key-fobbing duties, it comes with a removable pin fastener that both keeps the blades closed (it will spring open in its natural state) and holds the actual key ring.  Construction is stainless steel in a silver chrome finish, with a black rubber stop along the handles for extra leverage when cutting.

Granted, it will probably take you forever to cut a paper diorama project with this thing.  For light snipping jobs like a loose thread on your shirt, peeking nose hairs and stationeries, though, this should do the trick.

The True Utility SciXors is available now, priced at £4.99.