Sconcy Is A Bulb Socket That Sticks Onto Any Surface For Instant Lighting


There’s nothing complicated about the Sconcy. It’s a bulb socket attached to a base with adhesive backing. That’s it. However, that simple design lends it a whole lot of uses for various parts of any home.

Designed by the Luke Lamp Co., it gives folks an easy way to add light bulbs to any room without having to mess with the existing electrical wiring. That should make it great for renters and apartment-dwellers, as well as those who’d prefer a temporary rather than a permanent lighting solution.


The Sconcy can be mounted on any flat surface, so you can instantly affix additional lighting to any wall, ceiling, or table around the house. It also makes for an easy way to add lighting to cabinets and other storage furniture, apart from serving as a handy task light when working in confined areas such as under the sink. There’s no word on what kind of adhesive pad they’re using, although the outfit claims it can support so much heft you can hang on it like one of those indoor climbing holds.


It pairs a porcelain socket that can accept any standard bulb with a base that’s machined from either a solid slab of brass or aluminum, with no integrated battery, so you’ll have to plug it in using the included eight-foot cord (it comes with an inline switch). Do note, the adhesive pads aren’t reusable, although they throw in multiple pads with every socket, so you can just swap in a new pad when moving the light somewhere else.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Sconcy. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $49.

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