Scorpion EXO-900 Can Transform Into Three Different Helmets


Why buy separate full face, flip front modular and three-quarters helmets, when you can get one that transforms into all three?  The Scorpion EXO-900 can easily be reconfigured into either one of those motorcycle headwear, affording you the convenience of a single accessory, without scrimping on function.

Even though we’d rather see everyone sporting full-face helmets in the interest of safety, we all know people are just plain too hard-headed for that.  Some score a three-quarters model, claiming they’re only going to use the bike for neighborhood transportation, but end up having to take it to all sorts of places anyway.  With the EXO-900 Transformer Helmet, they can simply rig the thing into a full-face protection unit for heavy-duty runs, without having to buy any extra gear.

Both the EverClear faceshield and retractable SpeedView visors can be removed without tools, making it very convenient to shift from one mode to another.  It sports adjustable front and rear vents, moisture-wicking liners and cheek pads, and AirFit pumps that allows the helmet to be inflated to a perfect fit.

Offering safety when you need it, the EXO-900 manages to look spanking hot with just the right accents, regardless of the mode it’s transformed into.  It’s available now in a range of sizes (extra small to triple XL) from $270 to $280.

[Scorpion USA ]