Scosche BoomCan Is A Speaker That Looks Like A Can Of Air Freshener

If you told me the Scosche BoomCan is an air freshener, I would have believed you.  At least, until I tried getting a whiff of what kind of fragrance it unloads and realize it smells just like every piece of manufactured hard plastic I’ve put near my nose.

At that point, you’ll chuckle and tell me it’s actually a portable speaker.   Of course, I won’t believe you since you already fooled me once, so I’ll tell you to turn it on and plug my Colorfly C4 Pro in.   Only when that booming sound bellows out will I actually nod my head in approval.

Just like the Trash Amps, the Scosche BoomCan looks like a can.  Except this one is smaller at only 2.5 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter, so it’s even easier to stash in your bag or hide in the glove compartment.  Designed for mobile outdoor use, it wears a high-strength aluminum shell that keeps it durable while remaining lightweight.

A single 35mm driver sit inside, mounted on a cylinder that points upwards.  Being this small, don’t expect anywhere near premium audio quality, but it should be plenty usable for casually enjoying your music on the road.   It has a 3.5mm jack for connecting to your music player and a line out for daisy-chaining multiple speakers for louder volume.  A USB-rechargeable battery is onboard, which should be good for up to seven hours on a single charge.

If you’re in the market for a mobile speaker, the Scosche BoomCan could make for an interesting choice.  It’s available now, priced at $24.99.