Scosche Updated Their MagicMount PowerBank For USB Type-C Smartphones


Picked up a new Android phone with one of those versatile USB-C ports in lieu of the traditional microUSB slot? Then you’ll need a new host of accessories to go along with your freshly-updated phone. If a power bank is one of those things currently in your shopping list, you might want to check out the Scosche MagicMount PowerBank.

A new version of their popular power bank, it’s designed to work with the current crop of USB-C devices. You know, the Google Pixels, LG V20s, and Moto Zs of the world. And, yes, it retains all the much-loved features of the original MagicMount, all while enabling faster charging via the updated USB standard.


The Scosche MagicMount PowerBank houses a 4000mAh battery inside a slim enclosure that takes on the pocket-sized profile of a smaller phone (you know, those days when our phones had way smaller screens). It can fully-charge most USB-C smartphones up to twice, ensuring you’ll never run out of juice even through the busiest of days, all while putting out 2.1A, allowing you to charge your phone safely at the fastest possible rate.


As with other MagicMounts, each power bank comes with two magnetic plates sporting adhesive backings that you can attach to your phones. Doing this allows you to attach your phone and battery pack like a single unit during charging, so you can still text, call, and use any app without wires (or a power bank) dangling from the bottom of your phone.

Available now, the Scosche MagicMount PowerBank is priced at $49.99.

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