Scott Safety Firefighting Helmets Come With Built-In Predator Vision


Thermal imaging cameras are valuable allies to firefighters, allowing them to see through darkness and thick smoke just like those nasty Predators. Problem is, having to hold a camera leaves you one-handed in the middle of a blaze – not exactly ideal when you’re trying to rescue people without getting hurt yourself. That could change with the Tyco Scott Safety Helmet with Scott Sight, which integrates thermal imaging right into the helmet for hands-free superhuman vision.

While it looks like any traditional firefighter’s helmet, it’s actually reinforced with a tiny thermal camera and a small Google Glass-style display. The display shows an infrared thermal image of whatever scene you’re facing in real time, so all you have to do is glance at the screen’s location to see what’s going on no matter how thick the smoke or how dark the surroundings are.

The Scott Safety Helmet with Scott Sight puts the camera on the right side of the headwear, with the tiny screen situated at the bottom of the user’s field of vision. That way, it won’t interfere with their regular line of sight, all while providing full access to a thermal image whenever you need to make a quick check. With the new helmet, firefighters now get individual access to thermal imagery, all while retaining full use of both hands – something that could prove extremely valuable in the thick of the action.

Learn more about the Scott Safety Helmet with Scott Sight from Tyco’s website.

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