Scottevest Carry-On Coat Has Pockets For Everything

Just when we thought wearable pockets can’t get any sweeter than their iPad-friendly vest, Scottevest just outdid themselves again.  This time, they try to get rid of actually carrying any luggage for a very short trip with the Carry-On Coat, which comes with pockets for more than travel essentials and electronics, offering compartments for a full of change of wardrobe, including shoes.  Yikes!

As with their previous creations, the trench coat features their vaunted weight management system (to keep the clothing from sagging when you’re carrying too much stuff) and NoBulge pocket design (we’re not sure how you can get away hauling a pair of shoes with no bulge, though).  All the crap is stored on the front interior area too, so everything is easily accessible without having to take the clothing off.

Suffice to say, the Scottevest Carry-On Coat has a pocket for everything you can reasonably stow away in a carry-on bag.  There are designated spaces for a touchscreen phone (yes, the touch panel is accessible from the front of the coat), integrated earbuds, a second phone, an iPad (or, presumably, a netbook), eyeglasses, ID and travel documents, pens, digicams, a water bottle, keys, USB dongles, TSA 3-1-1 toiletries, clothes and shoes.

From what we can tell, there’s enough space there to hold provisions for a one or two day business trip.  Assuming you’re a guy, of course, who doesn’t need much beyond stuff for work, a little entertainment and a change of clothes (and shoes).  Even if you’d rather haul a trolley when flying, this should find plenty of everyday use, especially if you’re one of those folks who constantly go out with a backpack or a messenger bag in tow.

No availability or pricing for the Scottevest Carry-On Coat was announced yet.  Expect the gadget-crazy traveler set to turn this into an instant hit, though.