Scottevest Travel Vest Fits iPad, Plus 21 Other Things At The Same Time

Sporting a 9.7-inch display, the iPad may not the most portable device in your gadget roster. That won’t stop you from fitting it into the Scottevest Travel Vest, though, an innocent-looking sleeveless top with 22 specialized pockets designed to carry a whole host of stuff – including an iPad.

Who needs bags or an iPad Cover? Not whoever puts this multi-compartment vest on, which should have enough space to cram every portable gadget you need to haul around. Cellphones, digicams, netbooks, chargers, ebook readers and more can all slip into one of those handy pockets. Imagine strolling down the airport with no carry-on bags to have inspected. Just take off the vest and send it to X-ray with all your gear still safely inside.

Made from a lightweight and breathable cotton/nylon blend, the Scottevest Travel Vest won’t wrinkle, letting you pack a hefty amount of gear without cramping your style. Treated with Teflon, it repels waters and stains to keep your stash safe too. The NoBulge pocket design keeps the whole top streamlined and comfy, while the weight management system helps everything feel lighter than it should be.

From the looks of it, Scottevest didn’t really do anything to change their travel vests for the iPad. They just lucked out, since all their vests from size Large and bigger (like XXXXL, your size – just kidding) come with a TabPocket big enough to hold Apple’s oversized iPod Touch. Calm down Apple fanboys, we like iPad too, its just we wish it came with a camera and a USB port or atleast an SD card slot. There is definitely going to be one in the next version of iPad or iPad2, so how hard would it have been to include one in this version itself?

Even if the iPad isn’t in your shopping list, the Scottevest Travel Vest should be an interesting purchase all the same. It comes in three colors (Red Rock, Desert Sand and Black Lava) and is available for $100.


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