SCOTTeVest’s Cotton Hoodie Comes With 19 Pockets For All Your Gear


We’re big fans of SCOTTeVest’s travel garments, which allow you to pack a veritable carry-on bag’s worth of stuff in your clothing. If you like to pack heavy during your days out in the city, too, they got you covered as well with the SCOTTeVest Hoodie Cotton.

An erstwhile normal-looking hoodie, the garment discreetly incorporate a ridiculous amount of storage. While the original version had 10 pockets, this updated design blows that up to a total of 19, allowing you to carry a good load of gear without having to lug a backpack around.


Those pockets on the SCOTTeVest Hoodie Cotton include one large enough to hold a full-sized iPad, one sized to hold an iPad Mini, a couple sized to hold one smartphone each, one large enough to accommodate a compact mirrorless shooter, and a tall-but-narrow one for carrying a water bottle. All those are joined by smaller pockets sized to hold pens, SD cards, keys, wallets, and passports, as well as a traditional hand pockets. A clip facility at the collar lets you keep your earbuds within easy reach, while a pull-down flap on the hood allows you to cover your face with a “DO NOT DISTURB” eye mask when you want to catch a nap.


It integrates SCOTTeVest’s cable passthroughs all throughout the garment, making it easy to run cables from one pocket to another (so you can charge your phone from a power bank on the sly). Construction is an 80/20 blend of cotton and polyester, with four available colors.


Want one? The SCOTTeVest Hoodie Cotton is priced at $95.

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